Sub Vet Memorial. . .
The New York State Submariners Memorial
The New York State Submariners Memorial is located in the Village of Ballston Spa on Route 50 in a Veterans Park between the Village Library and the Post Office. This Submarine Memorial is the first Memorial dedicated to the Submariners from a State rather than the Submarine they served on. This Memorial contains the listing of 447 New York State Submariners who paid the supreme sacrifice while serving their country in the Silent Service of the U.S. Navy.

The Memorial design starts with a 4 ft. by 8 ft by 10 in. black gem mist stone mounted on a light gray base stone. The front of the Memorial has a header with a set of Dolphins on the left and a World War II Patrol on the right laser etched into the stone. The front has 7 columns of 38 names each. The back has a header of 3 lost boats laser etched representing the boats lost prior to, during and after World War II and 7 columns of 32 names each for a total of 490 possible names.

Click here for photos of the completed memorial and the dedication ceremony on May 20th 2012.

Click here for a history of the project. 
The memorial will has 3 parts to it to be done in 3 phases:
Part 1 is the memorial stone surrounded by an 8 ft patio of made up 9 in. by 7 in. memorial pavers in light gray outlined in a darker gray pavers. In this patio field will be darker gray pavers listing the 65 Lost Boats going around the memorial stone. The light gray pavers that make up the remaining area of the patio will be memorial pavers that submariners can purchase to have their names, boat or shipmates name etc. engraved into the pavers. - DONE

Part 2 is a Veterans Memorial Walkway between Low Street and Route 50. The walkway will consist of 9 in, by 7 in. light gray and darker gray memorial pavers with 3 light gray pavers parallel to Route 50 and darker gray pavers perpendicular to the light gray pavers. All the walkway pavers will be memorial pavers for all branches of the military. The Veterans Memorial Walkway will be connected to the Submarine Memorial patio by a small walkway of light gray and darker gray pavers.. - DONE

Part 3 will be a 25 ft. to scale model of the submarine U.S.S. Albany SSN-753 mounted on pedestals with a patio of dark and light gray pavers. Also in this area will be a plaque listing those who donated their time and materials to the memorial. - DONE